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Characteristics of Urban Reclaimed Live Edge Hardwood Slabs

Published September 3, 2023

Urban reclaimed live edge hardwood slabs are gaining popularity in the woodworking industry due to their unique characteristics and environmental benefits. These slabs offer a distinct and natural aesthetic that adds warmth and character to any project.

One of the notable characteristics of urban reclaimed hardwood slabs is their live edge. Unlike traditional lumber, which is cut to uniform dimensions, live edge slabs maintain the original shape and contour of the tree, rarely including the bark on one or both sides. This natural edge adds a rustic charm to furniture, countertops, and other woodworking creations.

Another characteristic of urban reclaimed hardwood slabs is their rich and varied grain patterns. These slabs come from trees that have grown in urban areas such as city parks, residential neighborhoods, or commercial developments. As a result, the wood often displays unique grain patterns influenced by factors such as pollution, weather conditions, and growth stress. This distinctiveness adds character and beauty to the finished piece. Check out our 19 foot long, flaming Box Elder slabs. We will feature them in one of our blogs and how the natural red/pink color is created within the wood.

Furthermore, urban reclaimed hardwood slabs offer a wide range of wood species to choose from. Some popular choices include walnut, oak, maple, and cherry, but the selection can extend to more exotic species as well. Each wood species carries its own distinct color, grain pattern, and hardness, allowing woodworkers to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

One of the most appealing aspects of urban reclaimed hardwood slabs is their sustainability. By sourcing wood from urban areas, these slabs reduce the need for cutting down new trees and help repurpose materials that would otherwise go to waste. This eco-friendly approach not only contributes to environmental conservation but also gives the wood a unique story of its origins, adding value to the finished product. Please ask us about your particular slab. We can tell you the size and age of the tree it came from. Some of our slabs are from 150 foot tall trees that can be over 200 years old.

When using urban reclaimed hardwood slabs, it is essential to choose a trusted mill and supplier. They will have the expertise to properly kiln dry the slabs, ensuring that excess moisture is removed and preventing issues such as warping or cracking. Additionally, they will carefully inspect and select the slabs for their inventory, ensuring only the highest quality pieces are available. Our wood is air dried for a minimum of one year per inch thickness until reaching 17-21% moisture content from an accurate reading at the most dense part of the wood slab. After this, our slabs are kiln-dried for four weeks to reach a 6% moisture content.

Urban reclaimed live edge hardwood slabs offer a blend of natural beauty, sustainability, and uniqueness. Their live edge, varied grain patterns, wide selection of wood species, and eco-friendly sourcing make them an excellent choice for woodworking projects. By working with a reputable mill and supplier, woodworkers can create stunning pieces while contributing to environmental conservation.